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Custom Design Bali is an established creative design company specializing in custom design and manufacturing of specialized furniture, wooden houses, restaurant and interior design.

We work extensively with recycled Indonesian hardwoods and use them for the fabrication of wooden houses, wooden furniture, interior design and extensive restaurant design.

In the pages of this web site you will find example pictures of some of the work that we have recently performed at custom design bali. Each series of pictures tells the story of the project. These are just samples and if you are interested to see further pictures of any of our projects please email us. Also please email us with your design and construction requests.

Custom Design Wooden House Villa Project

custom design bali Villa Bocha Linda

View of Pool, Indoor/Outdoor Kitchen and Bale.

Villa Bocha Linda is a project that was designed and created as a holiday home in Bali. The main house is centered around a Javanese Joglo House that was completely refurbished. Additional living areas were created from recycled Indonesian hardwoods.

The indoor/outdoor kitchen which you see in this view, beyond the swimming pool, was designed and created from recycled timers. All of the doors slide and fold to reveal a magnificent kitchen area.To the left of the photo is a relaxation Bale which again was created from recycled Indonesian hard woods.



custom design bali

Refurbished Java Joglo Wooden House

The antique teak Joglo forms the main structure of the villa property and was sourced in Java and then shipped to Bali. Once in Bali each piece of timber was carefully restored by hand and degraded pieces were replaced with comparable recycled teak wood.

The Joglo has two bedrooms and each has it own stylish bathroom created as add-on rooms. The master bedroom (to the left) also has a private outdoor garden and relaxation area.

To the front of the Joglo an additional indoor lounge room area was created with sliding and folding doors which  open to create a large indoor/outdoor recreational area.

The entire Joglo is air conditioned and the master bedroom also contains a walk in robe area. The roof has been re tiled with new tiles. All timber has been refurbished and treated with oils. For further pictures of the details please visit the Villa Photos page.


bali design recycled teak wood fishing boat

Recycled Teak Fishing Boats From Indonesia

When a fishing boat is no longer sea-worthy, the traditional way of making use of the timber is to chop the boat up into small pieces and to use the wood for cooking in the village.

However having discovered this, we decided to offer to purchase the old fishing boats from the fishermen and villages so that the beautiful timber can be saved and put to good use. The fees that we pay for the boats far exceed the cooking-wood value of the timber and go towards the purchase and building of new boats.

Some of the old fishing boats have absolutely beautiful patterns of natural wood layered with years and years of weathered colors. The timber is used to make simply stunning pieces of natural furniture and building features that are unique and timeless. The parts of the boat that are not resplendent with color are refurbished and used to repair or create wooden house parts and other furniture items.


Amazing “Themed” Restaurants Unique Bali Interior Design and Manufacturing for Resorts Worldwide


“OM AO” Bar Restaurant, Nomea, New Caledonia
On the right is a “10 Meter Steel Dragon Light” which was part of the bali interior design for a themed bar-restaurant in Noumea called “OM AO”.

The Steel Dragon was designed to hang over the bar and you can see it now in it’s construction phase.

All of our Bali Interior Design Restaurant Designs are created from the intial design ideas through to shipping to their destination country.

For many restaurants we have designed and manufactured absolutely everything from the building interiors to the menus and even the guest books. Many customers even request that we design the costumes and uniforms for the staff.

All of the Bali Restaurant Design is created to be “Knock-Down” so that it can be easily put together in it’s new location. It’s almost like designing a “Film Set” scenario in our workshops, where the entire restaurant is built and then taken apart for shipping.


The OM AO Update From Custom Design Bali Modern Interior Design

And here are the pictures of the actual custom design bali installation:

bali interior designcustom design bali

bali modern interior designbali interior designers

You can find more bali restaurant design and interior design ideas and photos when you browse through the pages of this web site. To visit the OM AO custom design bali page click the link.

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