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Daniel from Custom Design Bali

Hi this is Daniel here from Custom Design Bali…

…and this is one of the animals that we created for the “Rimba Juice Cafe Project”. You will find lots of photos for this and other projects in the restaurants section of this web site.

“We are a creative and complete villa, home, shop, restaurant, furniture and interior design and manufacturing business based in Bali Indonesia.

Navigating this website:

You will see in the menu above there are “Main Page Tabs” and “Drop Down Menu Tabs”.

The main page tabs contain an overview of the information and in some categories such as “restaurants” we have included a more detailed overview of some of the restaurants, such as the Barberoussa Restaurant and Bar in Noumea, New Caledonia.

In The Villa Photos section you will see photos of a villa project and also some samples of 3D designn and Master Plan design. As another example, in the “Art” section you will see a drop down menu for “T-shirts” which overviews our creative T-Shirt Design and Manufacturing Business.

Please take your time to browse the Custom Design Bali web site as there are a lot of great photos that may inspire you for your projects.

Contact Custom Design Bali

If you have any questions or would like advice or a quote on a project please email us using the contact form.

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