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Barberousse Pirate Bar

Barberousse Restaurant Noumea

On this page you will find some photos of the Barberousse Pirate Bar/Restaurant/Club in Noumea, Nouvelle Caledonie project. For this project we created the theme using both Indonesian hardwood and teak and also fiberglass with some awesome airbrush effects.

In these photos you can see the anchor, 2 meter tall mummy and the life-savers in fiberglass prior to the airbrush work.


Below you can see the amazing finished effects of the anchor and the teak boat-helm.


In this picture you will see the life sized replicas of Barbarossa and one of the crew.



In these photos notice the amazing airbrush artwork


Below you will see the 2 meter high sharks mouth and the small rowing boat which fits inside the sharks mouth. Also there is a swordfish and a shark which hang from the ceiling of the bar


Below are a couple of the fiberglass body parts from pirates that protrude from the walls and floor of the bar. The larger of the legs acts also as a drinks table in the bar.


Below are the life-savers in their finished form.


These amazing Man-of-War lamps are made from fiberglass and hang from the ceiling of the bar to add to the ambience.


For the bar we made many different shapes and sizes of skulls. Some as ornaments as in the caged skull that hangs from the ceiling and others as both lamps and drinks holder/coolers.


In this photo you can see the hangman’s noose awaiting a pirate and the life size cage.


Here we show the treasure chests that were made to hold the pirates treasure and for decoration in the “Pavilion Noir”


Here are some huge wall hangings that were created to add ambiance to the walls of the bar restaurant.


Gold Gold Gold…Pirates Gold. Where would a pirate be without it!  Next to the gold you can see a selection of the many many swords and pirate guns that were created as wall decorations. They are made from a combination of fiberglass and wood.


Below you can see the portholes that were created from wood and designed to hang on the walls in various parts of the bar to give the effect of being inside a pirate ship. You can also see the weapons prior to airbrush painting.


And finally on this page are the trays and glasses that were created for providing trays of  “shooter-style” and “flaming” drinks for the guests and of course the pirates!


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