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We are Mebau timber suppliers and merbau timber exporters. We supply “Legal” Merbau timber and export globally. Please contact us with your requirements for Merbau timber

We can supply you with many shapes and sizes of merbau timber including antique recycled merbau timber. Merbau timber flooring supplier and exporter is a specialty

About Merbau

Intsia bijuga is a species of flowering tree in the pea family, Fabaceae, native to the Indo-Pacific. It ranges from Tanzania and Madagascar east through India and Queensland, Australia to the Pacific island of Samoa. It grows to around 50 metres (160 feet) tall with a highly buttressed trunk. It inhabits mangrove forests.

The tree has a variety of common names including ipil, merbau and kwila.  In the Philippines, it also known in some areas as taal

The bark and leaves of the ipil are used in traditional medicines. The tree’s timber, called merbau or kwila, is a very durable and termite-resistant wood, making it a highly valued material for flooring and other uses. The wood can also be used to extract a dye. Merbau can contain a “gold” fleck that runs through the grain, considered to be attractive by some. Due to extensive logging of the tree, it is endangered in many places in Southeast Asia, and almost extinct in some. The wood is used for flooring in U.S. and European markets where it is commonly sold under different names. Both licensed and unlicensed mills harvest the wood.

Merbau Timber Suppliers

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Merbau Timber Exporters

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